B-Fit Academy Studios Gym was started up to provide an alternative for people who don't want to train in a standard big box gym.  We are a friendly supportive training space that provides training for real people with busy lives, with a solution to fit any lifestyle.

Train with us and you will feel great, move better and have more energy for your passions, from playing with your children to running marathons (or fitting in those jeans that you keep hold of just in case you lose a few pounds!).

​Whether you are looking to come and use the gym, join our unique group fitness sessions or join one of our Bespoke Personal Training programs, our dedicated Fitness Coaches want you to feel fit, happy and healthy at our great family friendly facility.

Contact us to book your free phone consultation and start your fitness journey today!

Jo Conroy 07786006857





6.30-7am PowerWave

9.30-10am PowerWave

6.30-7pm Box Fit



9.30-10am PowerWave

6-6.45pm Fit45

7-7.30pm PowerWave

7.30-8.30pm Yoga



9.30-10.15am Fit45



9.30-10am PowerWave

9.30-10.30am Pilates

7-7.30pm PowerWave

7.30-8.15pm Spin



6.30-7am PowerWave

10.00 -11.00 Yoga (term time only)



10.30-11.30am Stretch & Tone



The revolutionary cross-trainer combined with the unique class based workouts offers a full-body workout to create a stronger, leaner and fitter you in just 20 minutes.

The brand new session created by B-Fit uses a range of gym based and function exercises to give you a full-body workout in just 45 minutes. Get the results of working out at the gym in a friendly group exercise session.

A gym based cycling session with great music and structured intervals and intensity that will build your cardio fitness levels.

Hatha Yoga
A traditional style of yoga that uses Pranayama - breath control, Asanas - postures and relaxation techniques that will help you move better, find inner balance and improve overall health.​




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